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Interview Tips for Teachers

As a teacher, you are used to being the one asking the questions, assessing answers,

and grading them. So when the time comes for you to be on the other side of the table,

it can be a little unsettling.

But with a little preparation, you will be able to show your recruiters that the future of

their children is in safe and capable hands.

It’s important to know what kind of questions to expect, and how to conduct yourself in

an interview to improve your chances of getting selected. At Faith Recruitment

Consultancy, we have successfully placed several qualified teachers in reputed schools

in the Middle East.

Here are some tips that helped them to ace their interviews!

What is your teaching philosophy?

This is an important question for recruiters to understand what kind of teaching style you

will follow in the classroom and the impact you will have on students. Your approach to

Education is just as important as your qualifications and subject knowledge to determine

if you are a good fit for the school.

Do you think that your role, more than helping students score well, is to help them

understand the concepts and apply that knowledge? Do you believe that classrooms

play a role in creating kind, empathetic, responsible citizens? Do you believe in being

strict in the classroom?

Prepare your response based on your own approach to teaching but remember to also

incorporate the school’s philosophy into it and to mold the student for a better citizen of

tomorrow. Each school has its own approach to Education, which you can learn about

through their website, the principal’s message, and so on.

Have a lesson plan based on the requirements of the school and the system or curriculum the school follows

Depending on the subject and the school level that you are applying to, pick a lesson

from the school’s syllabus or curriculum and prepare a detailed lesson plan for it. Keep

in mind the system that the school follows and prepare activities for your lessons,

accordingly. If the school has technology-enabled classrooms, find ways to integrate

these tools into your lesson plan.

With this, recruiters will be able to judge your approach to teaching and your subject

knowledge. Besides, they will also be able to assess if you can adapt to the syllabus or

curriculum and system that the school follows.

Teaching with Technology

Gone are the days when classroom teaching was restricted to blackboard and chalk.

Today, most schools in the Middle East have adopted tech tools like smart boards,

tablets, projectors, and even 3D printers, to make teaching more effective and up-to-


Recruiters will expect you to be comfortable with technology, and familiar enough to

quickly learn and adopt new tools.

If you have past experience using tools like smart boards and tablets, be prepared to

explain how you used these tools to complement your teaching. Don’t hesitate to go into

the details of what lesson you taught, how you used multimedia to break down difficult

concepts, and the response of students. Examples will help the recruiter understand

that you know how to use technology not as a crutch but as an addition to your


Watch your body language

Body language is always important, no matter what interview you attend. But for a

teacher, it is of even greater significance.

In a classroom, teachers are leaders. Their presence should be felt; students should

look up to them and listen to them. A teacher without confidence can lead to a chaotic


During your interview, recruiters will observe your body language to know how you

would conduct yourself in a classroom.

Speak confidently. Be calm and have an open smile. A confident smile will show that

you can command a classroom but at the same time, be approachable for your


It goes without saying that you should dress well and professionally. Try to understand

what dress code the school has for its teachers and dress accordingly; which is a very

important aspect in an interview.

Be prepared for tough questions

Being a teacher means you have to tackle small and big challenges every day. You may

have a student who is not performing well or being a bad influence on his or her

classmates. You have to interact with parents of all temperaments. How would you deal

with such situations?

Be prepared to answer questions like these where the recruiter will try to determine how

you would approach challenges. Your answers should reflect that you are thoughtful,

resourceful, and a team player. Give examples of conflicts you helped resolve in the

classroom in the past.

Follow these tips to get closer to your dream of a successful teaching career in the

Middle East!

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